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With Biden Car Credit you’ve found the right place. Let us help you get into the car you deserve.  We are here to compassionately help to direct you to the best fitting auto loan for your situation, in your area. You can buy a  car with a bad credit car loan.

Biden Car Credit Accepts All Types of Credit Situations

"We believe in Government Assistance"

Necessary Information to Pre-Qualify for a Biden a Car Credit Car Loan.

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Firstly, Biden Car Credit thanks you in your confidence in us to help you through your current situation. Secondly, we realize and empathize the struggle you’ve faced in your life. You can get  Bad Credit Car Loan.

We’re here to compassionately help to direct you to the best fitting car loan provider for your situation in the area. 

What we Offer

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Biden Car Credit we know your time is valuable. That’s why our application takes only a few minutes to complete, and our goal is to get you your loan financed in 24 hours or less. You can get a bad credit car loan!


Biden Car Credit will keep you updated with your application status every step of the way via Live Phone call from one of your customer service representatives, text message, voicemail & email.

Nationwide Financing

Biden Car Credit offers the best nationwide financing, and even if you’re facing foreclosures or collections, we have a bad credit car loan financing program that will meet your needs, no matter where you live.


For over 15 years Biden Car Credit has been rated the #1 leader in the industry. You can count on our experience and track record for quality auto financing. We can help you get a bad credit car loan.

All Credit Welcome

Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit. Your credit is good with Biden Car Credit! We accept auto loan applications from anyone who wants to buy a car, you can get a bad credit car loan.

Approval Process

Now that you’ve submitted your application, we are directing your application to finance offices nearest to you! Therefore, you can get a bad credit car loan.

America First is an American based Network dedicated to helping Americans get into the car of their dreams first. We help people with bad credit car loans.

Whether you’re a natural citizen, legal alien, or awaiting citizenship Biden Car Credit considers us all equal under one Flag with a unified effort to all regardless of financial or credit issues.

Thank you for your confidence in us to submit, one of our representatives will reach out to you shortly.

Why Choose Us ?

We Drive Integrity by Being Honest & Transparent in Every Interaction


Biden Car Credit is an American Network to funnel applicants to their closest finance office to help them get auto financing regardless of credit status.

Documents needed

You will need Proof of Income. Drivers License. Proof of Residence. 2k Minimum Income. Get Approved 24 hours or less. You will be pre-qualified to obtain your bad credit car loan.

Know Before You Go

WithBiden Car Credit you can be on your way to getting your new car. You will be going to your car dealership already pre-approved for your loan. Drive away in your new car tomorrow.

Simple Online Application

Biden Car Credit has a simple online application form. All applications are accepted & will be reviewed. Everyone has a chance on getting a new car. Even with your bad credit car loan.

How getting a vehicle loan helps your Credit Record

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Getting an Auto Loan When Self Employed

Being self-employed doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan. Actually, contractors and business owners qualify for tax free auto loans all the time.

Most importantly is knowing what documentation is required in order to show the lenders that you’re able to carry the auto loan. Being self-employed is a great way to have more flexibility and freedom in your life!

Self-employment means you can be your own boss and give yourself the opportunity for excellent earning potential.

If you are self-employed and need an auto loan, you should know these details to ensure approval: Bring Proof of Income, Keep Tax Forms, & bring a Proof of Residence.

Use an Auto Loan to Increase your Credit Score

Achieving a prime credit score is a major accomplishment in your life, and we want to be there to assist you in making it to the 700’s & above.

After getting approved through your application submission here as you make on-time loan payments, an auto loan will improve your credit score.

Your score will increase as it satisfies all of the factors the contribute to a credit score, adding to your payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit, and credit mix.

Achieving Financial Independence

Biden Car Credit is here to help you achieve financial independence through increasing credit score.

The definition of Financial independence is to have enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others.

Income earned without having to work a job is commonly referred to as passive income. Take your first step to reaching financial independence by applying with Biden Car Credit.

Finance Information

Interest rates are determined by several factors, including the severity of credit problems, the amount of down payment, and the degree of credit risk.

However, we can tell you we have the best rates in the industry! 2.9% Low Starting APR $0 No Application Fees 98% Acceptance Rate!

We are a lead provider to lenders around the US. Average APR rates range from 3.2% to 24% depending on credit.

Some dealers/lenders may have implications for non-payment or late payments, please see your specific terms for more information. By applying with us you agree to have your credit pulled for lending purposes and this could have an impact to your credit score

When purchasing your new car you may want to consider going Electric and receive the new EV Tax Credits as part of the build back better.

Your Loan Payments will Raise your Credit Record


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